Wednesday, October 7, 2015

“You Start to Enjoy Life More, The More You Say Yes to Things"

This is the beginning of a new ICS journey; we are enthusiastic to develop our knowledge and to benefit our partners as much as we can.  Meeting different partners we will be working with in the next 3 months opened our eyes to the fact that there is a lot to do in society, and that it’s really necessary for Palestinian young people to start volunteering and helping in society.

We will be working with:

Al Quds University, which is the only Palestinian university in Jerusalem. After our meeting with the staff we learnt that students are not aware of the importance of learning English language, the 3rd most spoken language in the world.  Previous ICS volunteers worked with AQU and started to help raising awareness among students about the importance of learning English, travelling abroad to study, meeting new people and cultures. We hope we will be able to continue what they started and to encourage students to say yes to new opportunities. 

Figure 1Working on a Video for AQU
Al Hamawi Centre in al-Eizariya town - a really nice place with great potential to improve even more, as they want to add sports and a play yard around the center for children and adults. During our meeting with the staff we learned about the needs of children, parents, and adults in the area. Staff explained different activities they carry out to make the situation better; they also explained the work that previous ICS volunteers did helping in English conversation workshops. They have two main activities: extra curricular activities for children, and English conversation sessions for children and adults. We will be working with them in these two activities as well as working on increasing their local and international outreach.

After our first day working in al-Eizariya Centre, we visited Lazarus Tomb a sacred place for both Christians and Muslims.

Figure 2 Lazarus Tomb - Bethany
 Ruba al Kaloti

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